From Manhattan, Kate Meckler can be a lifelong New Yorker who finished <a href="">Riverdale Country School</a> and <a href="">New York University</a> having a BA degree. She began her career in marketing and event planning at <a href="">Bear Stearns</a> and <a href="">Estee Lauder</a>.Catherine also taught with a prestigious nursery school on the Upper West Side before entering property in 1999. Her vast expertise in New york property is self-evident, and very valuable.

Beyond work, Kate Meckler gives a lot of time to charitable organizations. She previously served about the board of <a href="">Love Heals</a>,and it is presently a part of <a href="">Reach Out and Read</a> at Bellevue Hospital, <a href=""> The Young Lions Society</a> on the <a href="">New York Public Library</a>, <a href="">The Partnership for Public Service</a>, <a href="">The Central Park Conservancy</a>, and Crossroads. Kate is another devoted mother plus an avid tennis player.